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LIFT-Advice Ltd is a Chartered Financial Planning Firm based in Edinburgh with advisers serving the whole of Scotland and further afield.

Contacting LIFT-Advice will put you in touch with highly qualified financial advisers who can assist with all of your financial planning needs providing advice for

  • individuals
  • families
  • and Small to Medium Size (SME) Businesses

Contact us to see how financial planning could improve your situation.


Why Chartered?

FinancialPlannersLogo 100hLIFT-Advice was set up in 2011 as an opportunity for attracting Chartered Financial Planners (or those striving to reach this “gold standard” of the advice profession) from all over the country. The advisers themselves have a wealth of experience in advising private clients and small businesses and can cover all areas of financial planning.

It was a natural progression for the firm itself to become Chartered. This was achieved in June 2013. This gives our clients extra re-assurance that their financial affairs are in good hands.

Referring within other parts of the LIFT Financial group brings further benefits to clients.


Why Independent?

Since the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) came into force on 31st December 2012. All those giving financial advice must be approved and be able to show a prospective client their Statement of Professional Standing – just ask. Once you have ascertained the adviser is approved there is one other important consideration. Is the adviser Independent or Restricted?

Independent: A financial adviser that can consider all types of investment products that might be suitable. They can also consider products from across the market.

Restricted: A financial adviser that has chosen to offer “restricted” advice where they can only consider certain products, product providers, or both.

LIFT-Advice Ltd and its advisers firmly believe that our clients are best served by an independent financial adviser and that is what you get when engaging with LIFT-Advice.

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Further Information

Contact LIFT-Advice Ltd, an Edinburgh based firm of Independent Financial Advisers serving the whole of Scotland.

tel: 0131 5534466

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